Basement EP

by Antipathist

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released April 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Antipathist Moline, Illinois


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Track Name: Right State of Mind
What do you do when the right state of mind just never fucking feels right? I cannot live inside my head anymore. You're dwelling in it, this life is shit. I cannot take it anymore. I'll wrap my hand around the bottle and drown you in it. I looked into the depths of despair and saw your face there. And when you fade away, into the darkest gray, please haunt my dreams so I can sleep in peace
Track Name: Ignorance
Ignorance breeds ignorance, intolerance breeds intolerance, hate breeds hate. I have no hope for the human race. Instill the so called Christian values into your offspring, and teach them what isn't the same is wrong. Condemn the poor, condemn the gays, condemn those who dont believe in your ways. The Son told you to hate sin, but never the sinner. Look within and find the faults in yourself, before you find them in others. Let he who is without cast the only stone. Your judgement is invalid, you will be persecuted. Look in a fucking mirror and preach the Word to it. Maybe you forgot to find the meaning between the lines. Translation from ancient dead tongues, what could possibly go wrong? I find value in the teachings of him. I never once found where it says to despise my neighbors
Track Name: Manic
I'm manic, I've had it, I'm in a fucking panic. There is no place for me on this earth, there is nothing for me except hurt. The id suppress the superego. Always putting myself last, forever living in regret. Why should I care for myself? No one else does. This darkness, this darkness, this darkness. Its in me, it fills me, its all consuming